Portraits by Francesco Sapienza

Francesco Sapienza - Photographer and Founder

Francesco Sapienza - Photographer and Founder


Embrace Your Face came to me while watching a Ted Talk by photographer Peter Hurley and psychologist Anna Rowley, aptly named “Psyphotology”. Why do most of us hide from the camera? Why is there such a distance between the shortcomings we see and the possibilities the photographer sees?  I’m committed to helping bridge that distance by taking your portrait — head-on. My clients range from Eataly to Chase to Rizzoli to The NY Times, but my focus is singular: how can I reveal the core of something and make that something sing?


Taking a moment to face the camera head-on makes most of us really uncomfortable. Why? Because we think it's up to us to perform and be photogenic in front of the camera. That's a misconception, it's up to the photographer to make you photogenic.

All you need to do is to step in front of my camera and follow my lead. The rest is my responsibility. I'll make sure to get you out of your head and get you into the moment to create portraits that you’ll love and embrace.