What is a Perspective Portrait? 

Embrace Your Face is redefining the portrait experience. A forensic sketch artist and a photographer will both depict you. But, the sketch artist will never see you, and you can't see yourself. No mirrors, no visuals, just words. How would you describe your eyes? Your cheeks? Your ears? How will your sketch make you feel when you see it alongside your photos?

How It Works

Our session starts with Gil Zamora, FBI trained forensic sketch artist renowned for his Real Beauty SketchesGil will ask you some simple questions about your face. He'll talk to you, but he won't see you. 

As Gil makes his final adjustments to your sketch, you'll face Francesco's camera in the studio. There’s no pressure to look or act a certain way, but Francesco will give you guidance. You'll be able to see your head shots in real time, and we'll talk about what you like and don't like. When we've narrowed it down to your favorites, Gil will have finalized your sketch and it'll be time for the reveal.

Just like every face is different, every Perspective Portrait experience will be unique. How will your sketch match up to your photos? How do YOU see YOU?

The making of Perspective Portraits

Watch Jenny's experience with Perspective Portraits

What Do I Get?


1-hour with Real Beauty Sketches artist, Gil Zamora

1-hour with Embrace Your Face Photographer, Francesco Sapienza 

1 hard-copy and digital Perspective Portrait Sketch 

10 retouched Perspective Portrait Head Shots optimized for web and print

An opportunity to start seeing and talking about yourself differently

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"Like someone holding a mirror up, not so much of my face, per se, but of something that's deep within me [...] having this experience is a powerful reminder to continuously create the life I want for myself [...] Working with Francesco was equally as valuable. He was brilliant at establishing an intimate rapport, where I felt safe and excited to allow myself to be vulnerable and be seen, the rarity and specialness of which should not be undervalued. The entire day was an exploration of self-discovery, which walks hand-in-hand with hope, doesn't it?”  - Jenny